Who is where

Position: Name: E-Mail: Direct tel. nr. +31 573 288-:
Business Unit Manager Hans Geurts h.geurts@simco-ion.nl 358
Sales director Wietze Jonker w.jonker@simco-ion.nl 368
Sales Manager Netherlands Niels ter Hove n.hove@simco-ion.nl 370
Area Sales Manager Maik Zimmer m.zimmer@simco-ion.nl +49 2941 2889282
Finance & Administration Manager Piet Huijbregts p.huijbregts@simco-ion.nl 382
Marketing Manager Erwin van 't Hul e.hul@simco-ion.nl 341
Customer Service Manager Wouter Halfwerk w.halfwerk@simco-ion.nl 389
Purchasing Marc Franken m.franken@simco-ion.nl 342
Operations Manager Bart Amkreutz b.amkreutz@simco-ion.nl 344


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