Pinner Easy

The innovative Pinner Easy integrated charging bar incorporates both a static charging bar and charging generator into one. This design eliminates the need for high voltage wiring and makes the bar perfect for applications such as catalog stacking, card insertion, roll-to-roll transfer, and bag making. Both the charging generator and bar assembly are fully serviceable and replaceable, while the pins ensure longevity and reduce maintenance.

The Pinner Easy’s emitters are current limited for increased safety while the high stability resistors provide excellent performance for a variety of applications. 
For installations where a PLC or machine control system is in place, the Pinner Easy is designed with a simplified connection for full integration into the existing system.

Available in lengths from 380 - 1525 mm. The negative polarity Pinner Easy ensures customized and powerful pinning performance.

Technical specifications

Input Power 24 VDC, 2.5A max, supplied from the Control Module via 10-conductor cable
Working distance 25-100 mm typical
Effective Length 330 mm to 1475 mm
Overall Length 381 mm to 1525 mm
Output Voltage 0-30 kVDC
LED Indicators POWER (green), lit HV on/blinking HV disabled;
WARNING (yellow);
FAULT (red)
Housing material Glass filled polyester
Emitters Tungsten, resistor coupled
Weight 5,4 kg/m of overall length
Ambient temperature 0-50ºC
Mounting Universal brackets


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