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About Simco-Ion Netherlands

Simco-Ion Netherlands, a member of the worldwide ITW group, has operated in Europe since 1966. Our activities started with the introduction of plastics in the textile industry. Today we offer a comprehensive range of products to control static electricity, for instance in the plastics, packaging, converting and printing industries. Our products are sold through an extensive network of competent agents. On our contact page you will find a Simco-Ion office or agent who can assist you solving any issue with static electricity. This can vary from neutralising static electricy to using static electricity for electrostatic charging to bond two material together to assist a production pro

Mission statement

Simco-Ion Netherlands manufactures and supplies complete solutions for static control, static charging and webcleaning applications in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our goal is to grow our business by being the highest value provider for our customers. We provide value through a combination of advanced technology, a full line of products, superior Customer Service, experienced application support and a competitive price/value ratio.