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About Simco-Ion Netherlands

Simco-Ion leader in anti static industrial static control and industrial static eliminators, the ionisation(ionization) specialst

Simco-Ion Netherlands, a member of the worldwide ITW group, has operated in Europe since 1966. Simco-Ion currently is the largest manufacturer of static eliminators and material in the antistatic industries. Our activities started with the introduction of plastics in the textile industry. Today we offer a comprehensive range of ionisation or anti static products to control static electricity. Simco-Ion designs and produces its range of industrial static control or industrial static eliminators in production facilities worldwide. The industrial static control equipment and solutions as opposed to the use of anti-static tinsel consist usually of many ionizing air blowers, static elimination blowers, air knifes to de-static non-conducting parts or products in the Industry. Simco-Ion is active in many industries like in the plastics, printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, packaging, converting and other printing industries to solve printing problems and provide standard and custom made solutions. Our anti-static or de-static ionisation(ionization) products are sold through an extensive network of competent agents that speak your local language. On our contact page you will find a Simco-Ion office or agent who can assist you solving any issue with static electricity. This can vary from neutralising or eliminating static electricity to avoid getting a static shock, to avoid the buildup of static in a winder or during document printing or to use in a dust cleaner or to using static electricity for electrostatic charging or to create static to attract particles in filters or to bond two material together to assist a production process. All is possible and many solutions can be found at Simco-Ion, the specialists!


Mission statement


Simco-Ion Netherlands desings, manufactures and supplies complete solutions for industrial static control, industrial static eliminator, static charging products, high-voltage generators and web- and particle- or dust-cleaning applications, air nozzles, air knifes and air curtains in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our goal is to grow our business by being the highest value provider for our customers in anti static or static generator solutions.  We provide value through a combination of advanced technology, a full line of products, superior Customer Service, experienced application support and a very competitive price/value ratio.