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Simco-Ion leader in anti static industrial static control and industrial static eliminators, the ionisation(ionization) specialst

Simco-Ion Netherlands, a member of the worldwide ITW group, has provided ionizing bars used to de-static plastics and other material for static control in Europe, Middle-East and Africa since 1966. Our activities with ionisation(ionization) started with the introduction of plastics in the textile industry. Today we offer a comprehensive range of products for industrial static control like industrial static eliminators and a rang of other products to control static like ionizing bars that compensate static electricity, for instance in the plastics, blister packaging, blister pack trays, flow wrap machines and other problems in the packaging industry related to static electricity, converting(what is converting equipment) and printing(roto, flexo, document, screen, tampo printing, plastic sheet printing, screen printing or any other problems in the printing industry. Our ionizing bars for static control are the alternative for tinsel or anti static tinsel and are the only right solution for many industries. The industrial static control equipment and industrial static eliminators are sold through an extensive network of competent local agents that speak your own language and operate locally and .




Anyone operating in a large area should be able to respond rapidly. From receipt to dispatch, we use modern systems for supervising and implementing all orders. Although highly automated, the production process is still flexible. Blowers, industrial static eliminators, and other products like the air knife, air nozzle and ionizing air blower used to de-static plastic or other non-conductors are dispatched by reliable international courier services. We have seen many of the problems related to static electricity before and have a very good technical knowledge base. We therefor can solve any issue professionally with the aid of de-static products or the uses of our own designed and produced range of industrial-static-eliminators or static elimination blowers, fast, reliable and locally in your country or area!


Technical skills


To respond effectively to the market needs we are continuously developing new products and applications. In this effort, we are driven by our customers. Many of our products have been developed in close co-operation with our customers. Apart from knowhow, we have resourceful people. Briefly put, Simco-Ion Europe has an adequate solution to almost any problem related to static electricity by means of using ionisation products like our full range of industrial static eliminators and ionizing air blowers.




You have a right to expect excellent quality from us. This is why our production processes are subjected to quality checks and a meticulous final inspection to ensure a high quality and reliable end-product.

This continuous quality assurance effort is reflected in the ISO 9001 : 2015 certificate.




Our service doesn’t stop when the product has been delivered. We also devote a great deal of attention to after-sales service. Apart from the usual guarantee, you may always call on us for product repair and calibration.


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