What to know about Drupa?
Drupa is the world’s leading exhibition for everything revolving around printing. A great place to look for new machinery and for solutions for problems with your current machinery. A wide range of companies will be attending with engineers, managers, directors, sales personnel and more are present from all over the world. The perfect way to connect with experts in the printing industry.

Why visit us at Drupa?
We can tell you all about solutions for issues with electrostatic electricity within your printing machinery. We can help you identify whether issues are from electrostatics and how it is solved. Our wide range of products and excellent (technical) service make sure that these issues belong to the past. We have decades of experience in electrostatic control in industrial fields and know what works to solve your issues with printing applications. Get advice from our technical experts on what works for you, no obligations.

And there is more!

At Drupa we will introduce a new level of smart. Curious? Stay up to date via our LinkedIn