Applications for the converting industry

Simco-ION offers solutions to control static electricity in converting processes like Slitting / rewinding. Stacking after sheeting processes and static free winding on Slitter machines and winders. Using a static charge can prevent air inclusion during bag making or Sheeter. Our IQ manager gives total static control in Coating/Laminating processes; including elimination and in-line measuring of static charges, setting alarm levels and data logging.


Coating Machine

Manufacturers of packaging can experience multiple fires in their coating section caused by sparks from high static charges.
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Flexoprinting machine

Flexoprint Machine

Flexographic printing lines as well as other printing presses are developed to produce flexible packaging in a variety of colours and finishes at high speeds.
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Slitting Rewinding

Slitting/Rewinding is a process to cut different type of jumbo roll’s with various material-width to narrower sizes at (very) high speed.
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Static charges can make bags stack poorly, decreasing production yields and increasing rejects. Because of its extended range and high ionisation output, the anti static bars can neutralise static from a long range, eliminating the static charges responsible for stacking problems on the wicketer.

Bag Making

Bag making machines come in various configurations based on the type of bags produced by the machine.
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