Static charged filter material for better blocking contamination and/or particles

Simco-Ion provides electrostatical Generators up to 60kV for the electrostatical charging of non-woven filter materials to reach better filtration results by attracting/bounding the contamination tot the filtermaterial.


  • Filter material for industrial use (for dust particles and vapor/vapour filtration)
  • Filter material for medical use (for mouth masks/caps/lab coats/overalls)

Manufacturers of non-woven filter materials and producers of end-products in this industry are using Simco-Ion high-voltage generators to charge the filtermaterial. The use of electrostatical charging by means of high-voltage-generators at this application servers two purposes:

  • To charge the filter material to reach better filtration results by attracting/bounding the contamination to the material when used at the end-user
  • To bound (orientate) several layers and materials together, to reach higher production speeds, so higher machinery outputs



To charge filter fiber you can uses the CM5-30 high voltage charging generator, in combination with the HDR charging bar is a proven solution.

The use of above mentioned charging equipment increases the output from the machine and the filtration quality from the product so results in high quality competitive filter production.

We offer also a series of High Voltage Generators from 0-60kV ( KiloVolt) that can be used for this principle: Please check our product pages for information on the different type of high-voltage generators.

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