Electrostatic In Mould Labeling (IML)

In Mould Labeling, also referred to as IML, with the help of static electricity is becoming the new standard in injection moulding, thermoforming and blow moulding industry. Instead of conventional methods like decorating by printing directly or placing an adhesive label onto the product, the decoration is achieved with a pre-printed plastic label. The pre-printed label is positioned into the injection mould and kept in place by an electrostatic charge. This way the label will be moulded together with the product shape and comes out as a finished, fully recyclable product.


What is In Mould Labeling (IML)

Whether you are an end-user or a robotics manufacturer, Simco-ION can assist you with advice and knowledge in creating the perfect In Mould Labeling solution. It is essential when starting a new IML project to make the right decisions to create a competitive product.

Outside the mould the robot picks-up a single, pre-printed label to transport (high-speed) and place it into the mould cavity (single or multiple), where it sticks due to the electrostatic bond between the label and the metal mould wall (ground potential). Therefore the label will not slip or change position in the mould during the moulding process and a perfect In Mould Labeling result can be achieved with an optimal cycle-time.

Static electricity and IML

We have years of experience with the In Mould Labeling process and In Mould Labeling equipment and therefore developed solutions for both metallic and non-metallic printed labels:

  • Several charging techniques (pinning, direct & simplified IML)
  • High voltage charging IML generators; 100-240V and special end-of-arm 24V IML Charge Master Micro Easy (CMME)
  • IML electrodes; high voltage bars and the special IML-spider
  • IML electrode materials (semi-conductive foam and special 2-component potting IML Easycore)
  • IML high voltage cables (extra flexible for cable chain)

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