Simco-Ion IQ Easy system is ready for industry 4.0

The buzz word in all sectors of the industry is: Industry 4.0. Further automation, networking, cloud and data collection and analyzing are the trends. Simco-Ion’s IQ Easy platform is fully prepared to fit in and function in this new environment.

How does the Simco-Ion IQ Easy system fit in?

Up to 30 static control devices within a process can be controlled by one Manager IQ Easy. Warnings and alarms give the operator insight in the status of all devices. Advance notice if an anti-static bar needs cleaning or if any device is not functioning optimally or if any set levels are exceeded provide the opportunity to correct the problem before the process will be influenced. The Manager IQ Easy is prepared for connection to a fieldbus interface for integration in the machine or process control system. Ethernet and USB connections can be used for data collection. Implementation: The example shows a typical value chain. Extrusion of the film material, slitting the film into smaller rolls, printing the film and finally converting it into bags. Instantly it becomes clear that when anywhere in the chain the static levels are too high which results in bags delivered to the customer that do not open, all efforts have gone to waste. Continuous developments towards reducing film thickness to reduce cost and weight, and increased machine speeds, make films more susceptible to problems with static charge. The Simco-Ion IQ Easy system will manage each converting process step and ensure very low levels of static charge as a basis for each next step and final delivery of the finished product. Data can be linked to the SCADA or quality control server to provide a protocol that proves perfect conditions for a high quality end product. System integration is easy. All devices are plug & play with 24V supply voltage provided by the Manager IQ Easy. Mounting is easy through the standardized , quick release, mounting brackets. Set up is easy with the intuitive software and 7” touch screen. Get in touch for an evaluation and demonstration of the IQ Easy system tailored for your application.


Prevent Employees getting shocks due to static electricity – Industrial Process

What is the need for static control equipment to fit in?

For many years static control has been treated as a last resource, as cost factor instead of a benefit. Combining all components into a system that can be controlled by the Manager IQ Easy from one central location suddenly puts static control in another light. It has become a valuable tool for process optimization, quality control and most important, the insurance no material leaves the factory with too much static charge that can cause problems in further process steps. Thus preventing costly customer complaints and rejects.  Integration of the IQ Easy system with the machine control, the companies network and SCADA systems provides an easy platform for data logging and quality reports.


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