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Simco-Ion Chargemaster systems

Simco-Ion Chargemaster systems are a series of high-voltage static generators excellently suited for temporarily bonding or to glue materials together; adhesion between the material surfaces is brought about by generating an electrostatic charge(High Voltage). As a result, production processes can often be simplified and accelerated. A system consists of a DC highvoltage generator and one or several charging electrodes. The kV-Generator generates the high voltage for the high voltage points in the different type of electrodes. The high voltage points produce ions to charge the materials, which then adhere to each other or to other surfaces electrostatically. Highfrequency switching technology is used in the generators. This technology ensures a consistent output voltage at a preset value, until overloading. The generators are electronically current limited and protected against a spark-over occuring. Features of the modern design include the control panel, which has membrane switches and rotates through 180°. Different types of Static Generators:


  • CM Tiny ( Small footprint, 24Vdc power, widstand high G-forces, EOAT, lightweight, changeable head)
  • CM Lite (Industrial housing, 220Vac power, display, adjustable 20kV)
  • CM5-30kV ( Industrial high power static generator, display, multilanguage, bus-communication, adjustable up to 30kV)
  • CM5-60kV ( industrial static generator, display, multilanguage, bus-communication, adjustable up to 60kV)

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