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Simco-Ion anti-static bars or industrial static eliminators generate an electrical field which causes the air molecules(air ionizer) in the vicinity of the bar to break down into positive and negative ions. Because opposite charges attract, any charged material passing near the bar will attract ions until the charge on the material is neutralized. The Ionizing Bar will produce ions with both, a negative and a positieve charge so that the molecules on the outside of the material will become neutral again, no matter the polarity. This is in short the way a static eliminator bar works. The anti static bar is also called anti static generator since it generates positive and negative charged particles. Both names are correct and can be added to our series of industrial static control.

Simco-Ion produces Industrial static eliminators as opposed to ionizers that can be used for domestic(in-house) applications.

The Ionizer acts as a static charge remover, it actually does not remove or touches anything but it produces material that can recombine to neutralize the material. More on how physically an industrial ionizing bar functions can be found in the FAQ section of this website. After the recombination takes place, the materials will no longer be static nor attracted to each other or to the machine parts. Attraction of dust, explosion or fire hazards and electrical shocks to personnel caused by static discharge are avoided.

More about Ionization can be found in our About page.


Chosing the right industrial static eliminator to de static material is not an easy job but we will assist you in making the right choice between a large range of solutions in antistatic bars. Simco offers a broad range and selecting the right solution and industrial static eliminator will be supported here.

Firstly a selection can be made between a range of antistatic bars in shockless and non-shockless versions: Performax EasyPerformax IQ EasyPerformax IQ Easy ExPerformax Easy ExThunderION 2.0MEBMEJ1/2"SSMaxIONP-Sh-N and the P-Sh-N-Ex.

How does a static eliminator bar work can be answered easy. The anti-static bars consist of a series of ionizing emitter points powered by a high-voltage power unit, more about the principle of static eliminators can be found here. Simco-Ion antistatic bars are also available for applications requiring long range neutralization both by means of air(fan, blower or compressed air). But also there are antistatic bars that have a long range neutralization up to 1,5meters.

To help you select the right anti-static bar please refer to the table below to compare specific features. (Click to enlarge)


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Normally it is not so easy to find the right type of ionizing bar or static chage remover. There are many parameters that can influence the choice of the static eliminator bar that you need to make. Next to distance and speed in the machine the proximity of metal is a very important factor. Also the current level of the static electricity or the static charge on the material is very important before you can chose the right type of static bar.

To find out how high the electrical charge and electrical polarity on the material is you can use our handheld FMX-004 fieldmeter. If you need additional answers or help to determine the right type of anti-static bar or industrial static eliminator you can contact your local agent. Our agents locally speak your language, are available on short notice.


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