Short range


Up to 6 m length


MEJ anti-static bars are often used on production machines were short range ionisation is possible and where no moving machine parts are interfering the ionisation.The properties of this Simco-Ion anti-static bar are the same as those of type MEB, except that the MEJ type is round. Therefore mounting this anti-static bar via holes in the machine frame is possible.

  • Short working distance: 30 mm
  • Shockless touchable emitters
  • The bar continues to function properly when a number of emitter pins are short-circuited, for instance due to heavy fouling.
  • Round bar, can be easily mounted via holes in the machine frame

Product specification


Technical specifications

Working distance30 mm max.
Housing materialAnodised aluminum
Inner bar matarialPVC
Emitter pinsSpecial alloy
CableMetal shielded
Weight0,56 kg/m
Ambient temperature0 - 55 °C
Use circumstancesIndustrial
Operating voltage7 kV AC
OptionsRight angle cable exit
Suitable power unitA2A7S / MPM
Maxium lenght5800 mm

Users manual


Technical drawing


3D CAD STEP file