Medium range

ATEX certified

UL certified

Up to 6 m length


This anti-static bar has the same properties as the P-Sh-N. but is equipped with an integrated power unit, you do not need a high-voltage cable. This anti-static bar has been approved for use in certain hazardous environments. The 5m long primary cable shall be connected to the mains voltage. A neon lamp can indicate that high voltage is present. Under certain conditions the P-Sh-N-Ex bar is capable of neutralizing the materials from a maximum distance of 200 mm.

  • Short working distance: 200 mm max.
  • Shockless touchable emitters
  • The bar continues to function properly when a number of emitter pins are short-circuited, for instance due to heavy fouling.
  • Ideal for neutralisation of static electricity on materials when the distance varies.
  • Approved for use in certain explosion hazardous environments

Product specification


Technical specifications

Working distance200 mm max.
Housing materialAluminum / steel
Inner bar materialPVC
Emitter pinsSpecial alloy
Cable bar 5 m (Neoprene)
WeightBase 2 kg + 0,8 kg/m
Ambient temperature 0 - 40 °C
Use circumstancesIndustrial
U primary 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 30 Watt
OptionNeon lamp, external
Suitable power unit Integrated
ApprovalUL, ATEX
ATEX category II 2 GD
Ex smb IIB T4
Ex mD 21 T135C
ATEX certificate BAS00ATEX2162X

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