• Conveyostat

Neutralise conveying streams

Up to 300 mm pipe diameter

Custom pipe possible

Flanged pipe possible


The tube diameter is adjusted to the existing tube system. And so is the number of integrated anti-static bars, based on the diameter. Simco-Ion anti-static bars can also be integrated in a tube provided by the client. The anti-static bars are arranged in two series. They are connected to a two-phase power unit to ensure optimal ionisation at high velocities.

On request:

  • Conveyostat® for outdoor applications
  • Conveyostat® with flange connections
  • Conveyostat® for use in hazardous areas
  • Custom size pipe
  • Custom size pipe
  • Optimal ionisation at high velocities
  • Can be integrated in a tube provided by the client

Product specification


Technical specifications

Tubediameter|50 - 300 mm *
Tube length|700 mm *
Housing material|stainless steel
Bar material|PTFE
Ionisation point|special alloy
Cable|high voltage cable 2 x 3 m
Weight|depending on size
Use circumstances|industrial
Ambient temperature|0 - 55 °C
Operating voltage|4 kV AC
Suitable power unit|LB2A4S
*Contact Simco for differend sizes.|

Users manual


Technical drawing


3D CAD STEP file