• Ionising air guns

Ionizing blow off gun

Ionizing air guns neutralise static charges on several materials and surfaces with a steady flow of ionised compressed air. The guns are also used not just to de static but also to clean any surface from a distance. Dust and other particles can easily be removed and blown off with these anti dust gun.

The use of ac guns is standard in many industrial applications and industries like paintshops, esd, car manufacturing and electronic industries.

The blowgun uses compressed air from difference sources and neutralises the surface. After that dust can be easily removed. Processing of electronics and other sensitive components are more easy without electrostatic charge.

The static charge from electronic components will be eliminated thus preventing internal damage. Balanced flow of air cleans the surface and makes static discharge or charging impossible.

Neutralising the static charges makes it easier to blow-clean the surface. Both the surface and the dust particles are discharged by the neutralising gun. This in order to prevent dust and other unwanted particles from being reattracted towards the surface.

There are different type of guns for different applications and working distance. A clear distinction in the way guns are operated and chosen is the power source. Some guns are connected to a high-voltage ac power supply. This can be difficult in situations where you can not drag high voltage cable along for a longer period of time.

The new and modern guns have a high-voltage power supply integrated into the gun. The integrated power supply makes it much more easy to operate and has less high-voltage cabling. High-Voltage cabling is not wanted in many industries. Also the difference in application field makes chosing an anti static blow off gun.

An important feature about guns is the ergonomy since operation with fingers for a longer time creates fatique and strain injuries. The new Simco-Ion CleanFlex ionised airgun is designed to be operated with the whole hand. This is a unique feature and it minimizes the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Check out the CleanFlex video here. A demo-unit can be requested here.

The CleanFlex ionising gun is designed together with many customers worldwide. This allowed us to get as much as possible feedback on the ergonomical and ionising properties of the ionised air gun.

A big part of the easy of use of the ionised air blower is its weight. Both the CleanFlex and the Cobra are made of rugged high-resistance impact material with little weight. Also noise is an important factor in the use of all types of antistatic gun. The CleanFlex anti static air gun makes efficient use of compressed air reducing the noice level to a minimum. Static eliminating is a simple and easy job with the highly efficient CleanFlex Easy. The ionizing gun cleans surfaces removing dust contamination.

Simco-Ion produces three different cleaning guns.


  • Simco CleanFlex Easy : Allround neutralizing gun, 24Vdc operated, no-high voltage, ESD, handheld anti static gun, optional pull-down.
  • Simco Cobra : Heavy Industries, High-Voltage Power supply needed, handheld anti static gun.
  • Simco TopGun: Tabletop Solutions, optional foot operated switch, directed fixed nozzle holder, trigger switch, ESD applications.


The CleanFlex and the Cobra ionizing air guns have a rugged design and therefore ideal for use in industrial applications.

For ESD applications balanced air output is neccessary and both the TopGun and the CleanFlex(IQ Version) can be used for these applications.

The ionizing airguns work with amplification of air to optimise the use of compressed air and this is leading to operational savings.


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