Supplies up to 4 devices

LED indicators

Short circuit protected

UL certified


The MultiPowerMaster (MPM) is an addition to the range of high voltage powers units. It features electronically stabilized output voltage and a wide range of input voltages. Input voltages range from 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz. Output voltage is preset at the factory to 3.3 , 4.0 , 5.0, and 7 kV. Green and red LED's are incorporated in the top face of the MPM. Optionally the MPM can be fitted with a I/O connector for interfacing with f.e. a PLC. Optional I/O signals are available for remote on/off, high voltage present and overload. The I/O connector also contains a 24 V power source for use with the Typhoon airpressure sensor.

  • Provides high-voltage to 4 ionisers as a maximum
  • A wide range of input voltages and frequency
  • LED signalling
  • UL approved

Product specification


Technical specifications

Housing material|aluminium and steel, powdercoating
Weight|3 kg
On/off switch with lamp|yes without light
High voltage indication|LED
Cable|1,8 m
Ambient temperature|0 - 50 °C
Use circumstances|Industrial
Protection classification|IP-54
U primairy|100 V or 240 V *
Frequency|50 or 60 Hz*
Power consumption|36 Watt
U secundairy|3,3 - 7 kV AC *
I secundairy|3 mA max.
Option|B,H,M,O,P en R

Users manual


Technical drawing


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