• Static eliminators

Static eliminators

Static eliminators, types and how to chose the right type for your application

Static electricity can be troublesome in many production processes where non-conductive materials such as plastic, paper, wood and textile are processed. Specially during the winter months when outside humidity is low and inside the air is dry, static can cause many problems. In many processes like printing or a coating process static needs to be eliminated. A static charge remover needs to be used to solve the problems. To find out if you have a problem related to static electricity we offer you to use a device that measures static electricity.


Material with a high surface resistance has a higher change to induce static electricity. The surface of the material can be measured with surface measurement equipment. After that you know if the material you use can cause static problems like a static shock. To find out how to de-static material like plastic for instance firstly measuring with a static energy meter is necessary. After the measuring you need to chose on what you can use as an anti-static-remover like a nozzle, anti static cleaner, static eliminator or anti dust brush. Also the amount of kV on the product and the type of dust determines the use of an air bar, air blower or anti-dust-cleaner and many other ways to improve the cleaning result.

You can ask your local distributor or request a Home-Test-Measuring-Kit with our static meter, de FMX-004, via our Chat. This way you can learn the basic and find out if your material has a static charge on it.

Ionising bars or static eliminators are the best way to eliminate static or to de-static in material on production machinery. Static eliminators are also called anti static generators. Simco-Ion anti-static bars or static elimators are produced at custom lengths to suit many different applications to get rid of static electricity. The position inside different machines varies, depending on the distance to the material that needs to be neutralized or the design of the machine.

Depending on space available and power requirements, Simco-Ion produces a variety of industrial static control. The solutions vary from long and short range ionizing bars in both AC and DC solutions to long-range and air-supported solutions.

AC meaning with an external power supply and DC normally with an internal(24Vdc) power supply. The most commonly used Simco-Ion anti-static bar or static eliminator is the Performax (IQ) Easy that can bought in lengths ranging from 270mm up to 3690mm. The industrial static eliminator also is available in a high-speed version and an IQ(communication with network/plc/etc.) version, the Performax (IQ) Easy Speed


What do ionisers look like and which one is right for my application?


Anti static Ionizer bar or a complete anti static bar system to create the static discharge of objects can be found in different sizes and shapes. Differences will be found in technology and also your wish for simple or full industrial static control. The choice depends also on the application and a number of distinguishing features that you need to determine :


  • Technology (external power supply , or integrated high voltage 24V supply)
  • Working distance of the ioniser, use of range bar(product selection table)
  • Use of Blowgun or Nozzle optional.
  • Options for positioning device in the machine
  • Use of air blower, industrial fan or compressed air supported anti static devices
  • Material velocity and power of ionisation
  • Object To be neutralised, 3D product or flat material web(solution selection)
  • Environmental conditions, temperature, humidity, Atex zone
  • Dust specifiction for choice of dust cleaner
  • Inspections

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Most common anti-static solutions

static eliminato
Anti static bar or static-eliminator
Air supported ionisation
Ionisation airBlower, ionization
LR static eliminator
Long range(LR) static eliminator
anti static air gun
Ionisation anti static airgun

More types of anti static eliminators

Anti-static bars - Different types of anti static eliminators 

Ionising anti static blowers - Blowers with an integrated anti-static bar or static eliminator

Ionising blower with air knife - Blowers with an integrated anti static bar and an air-knife

Ionising guns - Gun for use to blow ionised air to neutralize objects

Ionising air nozzle - Air nozzle with integrated High-voltage ionizing pin

Conveyor Ionizer - Conveyor pipe with integraged ionisation, the conveyostat.


Most common problems to be a result of static electricity

Static sparks

people get static shock

Static cling

a disrupted process

Attraction of dust in process

Fire caused by static electricity

What causes static charge?

Static charge is mainly caused by friction and separation of poorly conducting materials. Static charge can be demonstrated by measuring with an electrostatic fieldmeter. See the section measuring instruments for possibilities or get advice from a Simco-Ion represenatative.


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