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Different Static electricity Measuring instruments

Static meter

If you are dealing with static electricity or a static charge measuring the charge gives you insight. Static builds up on surfaces with high resistance. To mesure resistance you can use surface measurement equipment or a surface resistivity meter. To measure static charge we use measuring equipment with a Voltage sensor. Measuring static electricity with a multimeter is not an option since the input impedance is to low. The value of Static Electricity normally exceeds many kiloVolts.


The static charge is measured in terms of kV and and a certain polarity for the Voltage. To measure in kiloVolt a very high impedance is needed. Simco offers you solutions to find out more about static electricity. 

Simco-Ion offers two options to measure the static energy in terms of kV. Also Simco offers one indicator that can be used to determine the presence of static electricity and static charge on objects.


  1. Handheld Simco, battery operated static meter, the FMX-004
  2. In-Line machine configuration, the IQ Static Sensor Bar
  3. Detecting the presence of Static Energy with the TensIOn


Measuring instruments can help you to make the invisible phenomenon static charge more visible. The meters do this by means of measuring the electric field with the electrical fieldmeter. So the answer to the general question " can you measure static electricity" is yes. 

A Static measuring device is particularly helpfull when you encounter problems like static shock. More on when it is useful to measure static charge with a static meter?


  • For locating the source of static electricity buildup
  • For locating the polarity of the static electricity 
  • After an anti-static system to measure the effectiveness of the static eliminators
  • For active full control of the ionisation in level and polarity inline in machines.
  • Quality control on static for your customer  
  • As control after a static charger(setting levels of static Voltage)


In order to determine if and where there is a static charge, a portable instrument the static fieldmeter FMX-004 can be used. The electric field strength can be measured at a set distance without contact. The Sensor IQ Easy , an inline industrial static meter, offers even more options for full controll of the static charge. The sensor measures the electric field even in high speed machines and even the option for a full regulation to 0kV.


It delivers measurement values to devices in a Static Control System(IQ Easy system) This full control system has been developed by Simco-Ion. It makes actively regulating of charge and measuring possible. Furthermore, the measured values can be logged via the Manager IQ Easy for further evaluation. This gives you a unique tool to control your process and capture process parameters for quality control.


How do static meters look like

The Simco-Ion Static Charge meter come in different shapes and lenghts. All static energy meters use dedicated electrical field sensors in one or more configuration to meter static charge. The compact handheld static electricity meter, the FMX-004 is the most common used meter in Industry. The handheld static energy meter used for measuring static electricity in machines.

The rugged electrostatic Voltmeter measures positive charge as well as negative charge. The static meter is standard tooling for many operators and is available in many production factories worldwide.

The FMX-004 is also used by students to measure objects in laboratory environments. In production lines the IQ Easy Static Sensor Bar is used in many different lenghts up to 4 meters.


How does measuring static electricity look like

How can I measure static electricity?

Measuring static electricity is not a difficult process. The FMX-004 comes with a full manual. Also you can find a complete video online on how to measure static energy with the FMX-004 here. The Manager IQ Easy and specially the Static Sensor Bar provides options for full controll of static charge or static energy in both levels and polarity. A video concerning all options for full controll can be found here


Measure Static Electricity yourself

Simco-Ion provides you with a low-cost option to measure static electricity yourself. Chat with us to find out what we can do for you! We offer you many services for selfhelp and industrial support.


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