• MEB with Airknife

Working distance up to 1000 mm

Surface cleaning

UL Certified

Lengths up to 2000 mm


A type MEB shockless anti-static bar combined with an airknife come in standard lengths. The compressed air is blown across the high-voltage points over the entire width and amplified by the ambient air carried along. The air flow is saturated by the positive and negative ions produced by the anti-static bar. The air flow neutralises the static charge, enabling any contamination to be easily blown away.

  • Working distance: 1000 mm max.
  • Removes dust and other contaminations and neutralises the static charge and prevents retraction contaminants
  • Shockless touchable emitters

Product specification


Technical specifications

Working distance 1000 mm max.
Working width Standard: 76 150 310 460 610 mm, lengths upto 2000 mm on request
Housing material Aluminum
Inner bar material PVC
Emitter pins special alloy
Cable Metal shielded
Weight 3 kg/m
Ambient temperature 0 - 55 °C
Use circumstances Industrial
Operating voltage 7 kV AC
Air consumption On request
Pressure Max. 10 bar
Airconnection 1/4” BSP
Option Airfilter
Suitable power unit A2A7S/MPM
Approval UL

Users manual


Technical drawing



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