A web cleaning system is a system to remove dust and particles from a moving web. There are two basic types of Web Cleaning Systems:

  1. Contact Web Cleaning(er) Systems
  2. Non-Contact Webs Cleaning(er) Systems

Contact Web Cleaning(er) Systems

Many sectors, these days, demand zero defects and zero rework. The challenges of producing high quality-high volume electronics have never been tougher. Defects caused by particles cause significant yield loss. So the industry is moving from defect detection to defect elimination. The Teknek Contact Webcleaning principle; An elastomer cleaning roller makes contact with the surface to be cleaned. This roller picks up the particles of contamination and captures them on an adhesive roll. Permanently removing the particles ensures fewer defects in subsequent processes. Simco-Ion cooperates with  Teknek Goto:

The Teknek Contact Webcleaning principle; An elastomer cleaning roller makes contact with the surface to be cleaned. This roller picks up the particles of contamination and captures them on an adhesive roll. Rollers and Adhesives are spare parts that can be found on the website of Teknek for all spares and solutions Goto:

Non-Contact Webs Cleaning(er) Systems

Contact Web Cleaning Systems touch the moving web and can only be implemented when the cleaner does not damage the web during cleaning. Non-Contact Web Cleaning Systems do not touch the moving web and use air and static eliminators to remove particles and dust.

A Web cleaner system consists of a number of parts to make the complete system. Firstly there is a Webcleaner. This can be a non-contact web cleaner or a contact web cleaner. The other parts of a web cleaner system usually are suction-hoods or vacuum suction hoods to take away the particles that have been removed from the web. Webs can be contaminated on two sides and therefore sometimes consist of a system on both sides. This is depending on the thickness of the web and the kind of (accepted or not accepted) contamination. Next to these parts there usually is cabling and monitoring in place. Cabling to power the different anti-static bars and to make. In case of sucking of the particles a vacuuming system is needed. Also sometimes a fan or blower can be used to just blow-off the particles after the static electricity has been eliminated by the static eliminator. Contact web cleaner systems consist in basic of an elastomer cleaning roller that makes contact to the surface that needs to be cleaned. This roller picks up the particles and contamination on an adhesive roll. Our partner Teknek can provide you with much more dedicated and specialist answers on Contact Web Cleaning systems.

For years Simco Ion produced many different non-contact web cleaning systems. Now we have a specialized partner for Cleaning solutions. Non-contact web cleaning systems are available in two different versions:

  1. Suction or Vacuuming type of Web cleaning systems
  2. Blow-Off type Web cleaning systems.

For more information on non-contact web cleaning systems please go to the website of our partner: Ziegener+Frick GmbH

Simco Nederland BV has decided to team up with a specialised partner for Surface (web) cleaning. Ziegener & Frick has been a reliable Partner for Simco for more than 40 years for our Static control solutions. They have developed an extended range of Surface (Web) cleaning products. The Simco CleanION products will be integrated in the total product portfolio.  This enables an even better service to our joint customers with regard to surface cleaning. Of course the Simco anti-static equipment will be an integral part of all current and future partner products. Current CleanION products that Simco delivers to you will be available unchanged from Ziegener & Frick.

Only the name will change slightly; the new family name will be ION Clean instead of CleanION.  Contact details: Ziegener & Frick GmbH

Schillerstrasse 50

74248 Ellhofen


Tel : +49 (0) 7134 139920

Fax: +49 (0) 7134 1399293


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