Simplified IML metallic label placement

With this method we use the same dummy set-up as in the high-speed Direct IML Charging method for the placement of labels in injection moulding machines but the dummy-core, created with semi-conductive resin(EasyCore) is not connected to a High Voltage but simply to machine earth. The label is picked up and then charged outside the mould with a standard Charging bar and the CM5 Charging generator. The charged label is transported into the mould by the robot where it will jump to the mould when on position due to the electrostatically forces. Advantage of this method is especially that next to normal labels, also metallised labels can be used and placed inside the mould.

When starting with an IML project there often are many questions that need to be answered. This is particularly true for the different types of labels and the large variety of high-voltage generators that can be used for the IML-process. IML can be difficult but Simco-Ion is the leading manufacturer of high-quality dedicated IML-generators and charging equipment. We believe that a good IML projects needs to be a partnership with not only Simco-Ion but also good quality supplier of labels.


Simco-Ion can asssist you with your project and also locally there is a lot of knowledge available within the Simco-Ion dealer-network. Please, chat with us or find the local specialist(here) that can support you in chosing the right materials and to make your IML project into a succes!


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