Extension IQ Easy: an extension to the IQ Easy Platform

The IQ Easy platform with at least one Manager IQ Easy can be extended with the Extension IQ Easy to control an additional 6 devices. The Extension IQ Easy is a control unit without a display. Status LED’s show the power on and overall warning or alarm status. Up to 6 IQ devices can be connected to the Extension IQ Easy. The 24V DC power distribution is routed via the Extension. No extra cables required. This makes the connection of a device even easier than connection to a single desktop power supply.

The Extension IQ Easy is available in 2 versions:

  1. Input voltage 100 – 240V /50 – 60 Hz
    This unit converts the input voltage to 24V DC and provides power to all 6 devices connected.
  2. Input voltage 24V DC
    This model needs a 24V power input provided by the user.

Further extension of devices is possible by using multiple Extension IQ Easy’s. Each Extension adds another 6 devices to the system, with a maximum of 30 devices in total. 2 input ports on each manager or extension are available for connection of older Easy products like the Performax Easy.

LED indicators
Extension up to 30 devices
24V distribution to connected devices
Industry 4.0 ready

Full control of static electricity in your production process thanks to the IQ Easy Platform


  • Connection of up to 6 devices
  • LED indicators
  • Maximum 4 Extensions per system


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The product range covers the full spectrum of anti-static bars, an ionisation bar for in explosion hazardous environments (ATEX zone) and static charging equipment including special products for IML. The products that belong to the IQ family all have 24V DC supply voltage.


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