Our IQ Easy platform

The Simco-ION IQ Easy platform is the only smart system worldwide for controlling electrostatic during your process. It has a central position in your machine. The IQ Easy platform enables:

  • Standardised quality control
  • Safety and convenience features
  • Pro-active ionisation control

Carefree processes through smart devices that tell you when action is needed and can even solve efficiency issues by themselves through closed-loop feedback. The Smart SLC manages these processes and links the devices.

IQ software is built into almost all our products, our ionisation bars, sensors, charging devices and even our ATEX approved products have IQ compatibility. Our IQ products can be linked together with a Smart SLC or Manager IQ Easy, which function as the heart of the system. With the Smart SLC and Addition SLC’s, control of up to 84 devices is possible. The IQ Easy system with compatible IQ devices enables:

  • Live monitoring of all IQ devices
  • Live adjusting of all IQ devices
  • IQ devices can be switched on and off remotely
  • Live efficiency data, with notifications when to clean an IQ device
  • Logging of all data from the whole static control system

In short: Manage all your IQ devices real-time. The IQ devices solve efficiency issues through closed-loop feedback, or alert you when action is needed. Carefree static control in your process.

Why IQ?

It is the smart way of controlling electrostatic, where our products do the work for you and the IQ Easy system shows you when action is necessary. Safety is enhanced to prevent explosions or fires in your machine originating from electrostatic charges and unwanted shocks to personnel. The devices tell you when they need cleaning, and whether they run efficiently. Closed-loop feedback can be enabled to have a smooth process where the required static charge is met.

In short: Safety through risk-control. Efficiency. Quality control.

Smart SLC - the heart of the IQ Easy platform

Like our Manager IQ Easy, the Smart SLC controls our IQ compatible ionisation and measuring products. The Smart SLC has no embedded screen and can be integrated in the HMI of your machine. The configuration can be done by laptop locally or anywhere in the company network through a browser independent, web based interface. Ideal for process operators and machine builders who want to use their own preferred HMI.

Ethernet connections ensure a significant speed boost compared to the Manager IQ Easy 2.0. Use your PLC through Fieldbus, with real-time management of all connected devices. The Smart SLC can be linked with up to 13 Addition SLC’s. The Addition SLC’s can in turn control up to 6 device like our bars and sensors, with control of up to 84 devices simultaneously.
Communication options through Fieldbus, external web based user interface and I/O make make it versatile in its use. You decide where you use the interface, on the HMI of your machine, laptop or PC.

Pro-active ionisation control

With the IQ Easy system’s Closed-Loop-Feedback, an optimal ionisation control is guaranteed. With bars and sensor connected to the IQ system, the web voltage can be actively controlled, ensuring a low residual charge. With charging applications a pre-defined charge can be set into the Smart SLC, ensuring the required charge on the web.

Safety and convenience

The Smart SLC and corresponding devices have separated power inputs. The user interface remains active, while devices can be turned off for safety or maintenance reasons.

Smart SLC in a nutshell

The only IQ system worldwide with closed-loop feedback and efficiency and cleaning indications for a carefree production process, managed on your own machine HMI or even managed remotely. With up to 84 IQ devices and real-time monitoring of all data.

Controls up to 84 devices in system with Addition SLC's
Several fieldbus interfaces
Significant speed through internal ethernet
Multiple closed-loop feedback with sensors, bars and charging generators

Full control of static electricity in your production process thanks to the IQ Easy Platform


  • Interface of your choice, PC or display of the machine
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Separated supply of SLC and connected devices, safety feature
  • Plug & play device connection
  • Insight in log data
  • Browser independent user interface
  • Connect up to 6 devices per SLC

Technical specifications

  • Supply voltage
    24 VDC
  • Power consumption
    Max 1 A logic power
  • Max 3,3 A per device port, total consumption max 20 A
  • Purpose and use circumstances
    Industrial applications
  • Installation
    Free of dust and vibration
  • Mounting
    DIN rail
  • Operating temperature
    0 – 45 °C
  • Device connections
    6 x push in terminal block 5-pole
  • 24 VDC – 3,3 A max. per port, total output max 20 A
  • Digital inputs
    10 – 30 V, max 0,5 mA
  • Digital outputs
    6 x individual open emitters, 24 VDC nom. 25 mA
  • 3 x global open emitters, 24 VDC nom. 25 mA
  • USB
    2 x USB 2.0
  • Ethernet (LAN port)
    1 x RJ45 8-pin connector
  • User interface
    Browser based web interface, multiplatform
  • Connection for Addition SLC's
    2 x RJ45 8-pin connectors (Simco LAN)
  • Max amount of connected devices
    84 devices in combination with Addition SLC's
  • Fieldbus (optional)
    1 x Anybus interface
  • 2 x connections
  • Weight
    1,1 kg


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More IQ Easy Products

The product range covers the full spectrum of anti-static bars, ionisation bars for in explosion hazardous environments (ATEX zone) and static charging equipment including special products for IML. The products that belong to the IQ family all have 24 VDC supply voltage.


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