The ThunderION IQ 2.0

The ThunderION IQ offers long distance static elimination, even up to one metre. The robust design of the reinforced extruded profile allows up to 5 metres in length and the use in industrial environments. The T-ridge on the backside of the ThunderION enables the user to position the Simco-ION universal mounting brackets as desired, allowing optimal mounting flexibility. The disc shaped emitters differ from the conventional emitters. They produce a high and balanced ion output. The emitters are shockproof when accidentally touched. A flexible and replaceable structure prevents damage to the emitters when hit by foreign objects. The ThunderION has an integrated high voltage power supply and requires only a low voltage input of 24V DC. The new concept for long range static neutralisation is achieved with a combination of pulsed DC and a low frequency. LED’s on four sides visualise the status of the bar.

The new designed housing makes it very easy to clean the ThunderION. End brackets, middle support brackets, side plates and emitters can be easily removed to gain access to the whole surface for fast and accurate cleaning.

With certain production processes it’s necessary to neutralise static electricity at a very long distance, for example winding and rewinding of webs where the diameter of the re-windingsection changes continuously. With the ThunderION a new technique is being used where long range neutralisation is possible without air as a transport medium for the ions.

Effective up to 1000 mm
24V DC supply voltage
Easy to clean

Full control of static electricity in your production process thanks to the IQ Easy Platform


  • Long working distance: 300 - 1000 mm
  • Incorporated high voltage power supply, input voltage 24V DC
  • Shockproof touchable emitters
  • Easy to clean
  • UL-Version available (special teflon emitters)
  • Visual indications with multicolour LED’s on 3 sides
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • Patented technology
  • IQ version available with e.g. frequency settings and balance settings in system with Manager IQ Easy

Technical specifications

  • Working distance
    300 - 1000 mm
  • Housing material
  • Emitter pins
    Special alloy
  • Cable
    Low voltage cable
  • Weight
    Base 0,8 kg + 2,4 kg/m
  • Ambient temperature
    0 - 55 °C
  • Use circumstances
  • U Primary
    24 V DC, <2 A
  • Protection classification
  • Suitable power unit
    Integrated, 24V DC voltage input
  • Indication
    Bright LED
  • Signalling:
  • Green continuous
    In operation
  • Green flashing
  • Red continuous
  • Red flashing
    HV OK overload
  • I/O Signals
    Remote on/off; 10 - 30V DC
  • High Voltage OK; Supply voltage - 1V. Max. 50 mA
  • Options
    Desktop power supply (100 - 240V / 24V)
  • Din rail power supply (100 - 240V / 24V)


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The product range covers the full spectrum of anti-static bars, an ionisation bar for in explosion hazardous environments (ATEX zone) and static charging equipment including special products for IML. The products that belong to the IQ family all have 24V DC supply voltage.


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