The BW air nozzle has been designed especially for neutralising and cleaning (small) bottles on the inside, etc. Ionisation takes place at the end of the tube from which the air is blown. The high-voltage point is not shockless. The tubes are available in two diameters and in a required length.

Inside surface cleaning
Stainless steel tube

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  • Working distance: 150 mm max.
  • Air consumption with 1/4” tube: 4 Nm3/h using 1 bar
  • Air consumption with 3/8” tube: 8,5 Nm3/h using 1 bar
  • Max. pressure: 6 bar
  • Shockless touchable emitter
  • Especially designed for neutralising and cleaning (small) bottles on the inside


Technical specifications

  • Working distance
    150 mm
  • Housing material
    plastic, stainless steel
  • Ionisation point
    special alloy
  • Cable
    PVC and PE
  • Weight
    0,06 kg
  • Ambient temperature
    0 - 55 °C
  • Use circumstances
  • Operating voltage
    3,3 kV AC
  • Noise level
    58 dB using 1 bar (at 1 metre)
  • Air consumption
    with 1/4” tube 4 Nm3/h using 1 bar
  • with 3/8” tube 8,5 Nm3/h using 1 bar
  • Max. pressure
    6 bar
  • Airconnection
    1/8” BSPT
  • Suitable power unit

Product specifications


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