The MultiPowerMaster (MPM) is an comprehensive model with many setting options. It features electronically stabilized output voltage and a wide range of input voltages. Input voltages range from 100 – 240V AC, with a variable 50 – 60Hz option. Output voltage is preset at the factory to 3.3 – 4 – 5 or 7kV. Green and red LED’s are incorporated in the top of the MPM. Optionally, the MPM can be fitted with a I/O connector for interfacing with (f.e.) a PLC. Optional I/O signals are available for remote on/off, high voltage indication and overload indication. The I/O connector also contains a 24V power source for use with the Typhoon air pressure sensor.

Supplies up to 4 devices
LED indicators
Short circuit protected
UL certified

Full control of static electricity in your production process thanks to the IQ Easy Platform

Do you need full static control?

Our IQ Easy Platform offers a complete solution for static control in every industry or production process.

IQ Easy Platform


  • Provides high-voltage to up to 4 ionising devices
  • A wide range of input voltages and frequencies
  • LED signalling
  • UL approved

Technical specifications

  • Housing material
    Aluminium and powdercoated steel
  • Weight
    3 kg
  • Connections
  • On/off switch
    Yes, without light
  • High voltage indication
  • Cable
    1,8 metres
  • Ambient temperature
    0 - 50°C
  • Use circumstances
  • Protection classification
  • U primairy
    100V - 240V*
  • Frequency
    50 - 60Hz*
  • Power consumption
    36 Watt
  • U secundairy
    3,3 - 7kV AC*
  • I secundairy
    3 mA max.
  • Option
    B,H,M,O,P en R
  • Approval


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