High-voltage generators and charging electrodes or charging bars from Simco-Ion

High voltage electrostatic generators, like the Simco CM5 charging generator, create a controlled static charge up to 60kV on a non-conductive material that will allow a temporary adhesion between 2 surfaces with charges of opposite polarity. A high DC voltage (up to 60kV) can be safely produced and is carried to the emitters of an generator bar or electrode, where it is connected to an array of suitably designed emitter pins to generate a “corona”. A strong, ion-saturated electrical field around the single polarity high voltage points forces the material to a reference earth clinging the different surfaces together.

How does electrostatic charging work and how does a generator look like?

A static charging system consist of a high voltage generator and an electrode. The high voltage generator supplies the high voltage needed to create a static charge. This can vary from 3 to 60 kVolts. The charging electrode comes in different shapes to enable an optimum result for each specific application. Currently Simco-Ion high-voltage generators are used for the production of the facemask with types FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 that are used against the spread of the Corona-virus. More on the physics side of electrostatic charging can be found here.

Simco-Ion Europe has been developing and producing this ionisation equipment for over 60 years now

Do you need full static control?

Our IQ Easy Platform offers a complete solution for static control in every industry or production process.

IQ Easy Platform

Different type of Generators

To chose the right generator you need to chose between a large variety of high-voltage generators the choice is mostly based on the space that you have available and the Voltage(power) that is needed to get the job done.


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