Handheld and compact Static electricity meter

The FMX-004 is a convenient, compact and pocketsized handheld static field meter. The instrument for measuring static electricity will tell you the static electricity measured in kV. Measuring static electricity with a multimeter is not possible and that is why a static charge meter needs to be used.

With this digital static meter(readout) you can do static measurements as a part of your industrial static control. With this electrostatic fieldmeter or also called a static measuring device you can measure and store the field strength. The electric charge is measured in units of kV and polarity.

It enables you to carry out to measure static electricity in awkward places by means of an analog voltage sensor.

The static meter working principle is an oscillating voltage sensor. The sensor is protected inside the housing. The correct measuring distance is displayed by two integrated LEDs. The meter is battery operated.

The electrically conductive plastic housing with an earth connection fitted at the side ensures accurate measurements. The unique bicolour display shows the measured value both numerical and graphically. The status of the battery is shown on the display.

Static meters do not give an answer to the question “what is static current” since the current depends on many factors. The digital static charge meter comes with a complete manual and instructions. How to use the static charge meter can be seen our video: “how to measure the static Electricity with the FMX-004 “.

Measuring range up to 30 kV
LCD display
Battery operated

Full control of static electricity in your production process thanks to the IQ Easy Platform

Do you need full static control?

Our IQ Easy Platform offers a complete solution for static control in every industry or production process.

IQ Easy Platform


  • Accurate measurement equipment
  • Best static meter handheld
  • Check out the static charge meter price at your local agent
  • Electricity conductive plastic housing with an earth connection
  • Possible to carry out measurements in awkward places
  • Battery operated
  • Indicator for battery status
  • Pocket-sized measuring instrument

Technical specifications

  • Range
    0 - 30 kV pos./neg.
  • Accuracy
    ± 10% 0-30 kV
  • Measuring distance
    25 mm (0 - 30 kV)
  • Zero adjustment
  • Display
    LCD display
  • Memory
  • Battery
    9 V alkaline battery
  • Case
    conductive ABS
  • Weight
    0,17 kg
  • Ambient temperature
    10 - 40 °C
  • Packaging
    soft carrying case, coil cord for grounding and adapter for ion balance measurements


Product Drawing

Product specifications

User Manual


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