The Simco-Ion TensION can be used to check AC/DC Simco-Ion discharging and charging equipment. TensION indicates whether a high voltage is present on the ionising emitters or charging points.

Test Method

Hold the TensION at a distance from the ionising points / emitters. If a high voltage is present, a red indicator in the plastic tip will illuminate. To get an indication of proper functioning of the Simco-Ion equipment all the emitters should be checked.
Minimum distance from the TensION to the ionising emitters or charging points must be obtained. Refer to the table below:

Easy functional check
For anti static devices
For charging devices
Battery operated

Full control of static electricity in your production process thanks to the IQ Easy Platform


  • Convenient high-voltage indicator in pen size
  • There is no need to make contact with the device being controlled
  • The tip of the TensION illuminates when a voltage is detected

Technical specifications

  • Power
    2 size AAA batteries (included)
  • Measuring distance
    contactless (see table above)
  • Weight
    40 grams
  • Material
    Radilon-S HS(a), BE 170MO IP64
  • Dimensions
    Length 148 mm, diameter maximum 17 mm
  • Ambient temperature
    -10°C - +55°C


Product specifications

User Manual


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