• Cleaning a moving web
Cleaning a moving web
Cleaning a moving web

It may be necessary to remove particals from a moving web for the following reasons:

  • Remove particles that can damage material during winding or stacking 
  • Remove particles prior to printing, coating or laminating
  • Remove particles for quality assurance for food or medical grade products
  • Remove particles after cutting , punching or slitting
Cleaning a moving web: solution
Cleaning a moving web: solution

Simco provides a range of products for surface cleaning. Selection of the most suited systems depends on a number of factors:

  • Width of the material
  • Speed of the material
  • Is contact by brushes allowed
  • Level of cleanliness desired
  • Quantity of particles
  • Web tension
  • Space restrictions in the machine

Surface cleaning systems CleanION

CleanION web cleaning systems have been designed to neutralise static charges and, at the same time, to remove particles, even at higher velocities! Each CleanION system is designed to meet specific production requirements. A variety of vacuum hood configurations and dustcollectors are available to ensure maximum cleaning and static neutralisation for each application.
For all web widths there are vacuum hoods for non-contact cleaning or contact (brush) cleaning. Vacuum hood configurations are adapted to their individual need. Three basis principles are used:

  1. High vacuum /low volume full contact cleaning 
  2. Medium vacuum/medium volume contact cleaning with air assist
  3. High vacuum/high volume non contact cleaning with balanced air assist

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