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Simco-Ion Static Control Products

Simco-Ion offers full static control. Static Control is the process of regulating the level of static electricity in a process or a machine. This does not always have to be 0kV. In many occasions Static electricity can be used as a means of gluing material better together and this is also part of Static Control. Static control products can be divided in a number of categories. The most common used static control equipment categories are;


  1. Static elimination products
  2. Static charging products
  3. Perforation detectors
  4. Dust and particle surface cleaners
  5. Static measuring instruments
  6. IML (In mould labelling) products

Static Control Systems


Static Control Systems exist of different Static Control Components to create a system. The Static Control System can fully control feedback systems that use data from Static Measuring Devices to regulate and set levels of static electricity. Not only can we regulate the static electricity to Zero(0kV) but with our Static Control Systems you can regulate and create a fixed or set level of Static Electricity in different parts of the machine where it is needed. Different configurations of Static Control Components create the Static Control System that supports your process and machines. Different static Control Components can be linked like building blocks to create many different Static Control Systems. Also in different configurations the Static Control System is used in laboratories worldwide to see and measure the effects of Static electricity in machines, processes and equipment.


Static Elimination Products


Static elimination products consist of several different products to eliminate or neutralize static electricity like on film, web or products. There are static eliminator bars, DC long range ionizing bars, AC ionizing bars, industrial static eliminators. But also air supported products like, ionizing guns, air knifes, desktop ionizing fans and ionizing nozzles. In line ionizers, ionised air blowers, ionizing blowers are also part of the program. Furthermore we produce the power supplies to power the different types of ionisers.

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Static charging products

Static charging can assist in production processes by means of bonding or glueing material together with the aid of static electricity. The products used for static adhesion are small footprint generators. These end-of-arm generators(EOAT) are High-Voltage Generators ranging from 12- 18kV.

Also Charging Generators up to 30kV or Generators up to 60kV can be delivered. Also Charging bars, static generator electrodes and other charging applicators are needed to create the charge needed in the process.

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Perforation Detectors

In many production processes, it is necessary to detect perforations and leaks in injection-moulded products, films. Also in the medical industry used gloves and delicate material, hole detection without contamination is needed. Existing methods such as vacuum, pressure or optical failure control are often not applicable to transparent products. Also for shapes that are difficult to handle static can assist to detect holes or failures.

High voltage sparks can be used in a controlled way to detect perforations in these cases. Simco-Ion produces two different products that are used for perforation detection the Perfomaster and the Chargemaster CM5.

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Surface dust and particle cleaners

Contact-cleaning with conventional materials is not always an option. Often conventional cleaning methods do not work properly when static electricity is the cause of the attraction of the dust. The attraction of dust creates many problems in the printing and other industries. Also processes like injection moulding, bag making, sheeting and slitting need to deal with dust.

The best way to go forward to tackle the problem is to use dust removal equipment. Simco-Ion produces non-contact cleaners like Air-knife systems with static eliminators but also stand alone air knives. We produce blower powered dust cleaners as well as compressed air dust cleaners.

Hand operated dust removal guns, vacuum dust and particle cleaners and even 3D object suction cleaning. Usually these surface cleaners are made from Stainless steell and some are standard products but most are made to measure.

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Static Measuring Instruments

If you are dealing with static electricity or a static charge measuring the charge gives you insight. Static builds up on surfaces with high resistance. To measure static charge we use measuring equipment with a Voltage sensor.

Simco-Ion produces different types of static measurement products like a handheld measuring device, the FMX-004. Simco produces also in-line measuring devices for use in the film-industry, the Sensor IQ. This voltage-sensor can cover large width of film and distances. A static bar checker is used to check if the static eliminator still works normally and detecting static electricity.

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IML (In Mould Labelling) Products


In Mould Labelling(IML) is the process of glueing with the help of static electricity. The use of static electricity improves the process of labelplacement and has many benefits. It is the standard, developed by Simco-ION, for the Injection Moulding and Thermoforming industry. The IML Generators, IML spider electrodes, EOAT Generators for Robot applications, IML Easycore, semi-conductive mould core substance.

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Static Control Components


With the use of the backbone of the Static Control System, the Manager IQ and coupling of static-eliminators, static charging generators and static measuring devices a full control is possible. The different static control components that can be used as building blocks to configure your special static control system are;


  1. Manager IQ (Backbone System)
  2. Static Eliminators
  3. Static Charging Generators
  4. Charging applicators or Static charging bars
  5. Passive Static Control.


Passive Static Control


Passive static Control is achieved usually by means of connecting a conductor to earth or earthed machine. The passive static control can be useful in some occasions where the static charge is extremely high. Passive static control is limited to that it is not really controlling the level of static but only taking a part of the static electricity away. Passive Static control can also be very dangerous in many situations. The voltage difference between the High-Voltage and the close by Earthed connection can create sparks. Sparks can damage the material that you want to treat. Also sparks can ignite gasses and lead to fires. Simco-Ion does not offer passive static eliminators like Copper Tinsel, Metal strips, Flexible conductive ropes or brushes. The risk of damaging film or web is high and uncontrolled. Active Static Control is regulated and safe.


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Static elimination
Static bonding
Surface cleaning
Perforation detection
  • Static eliminators
    A range of products to neutralise static electricity on moving webs and products.
  • Static bonding
    Use electrostatic charging to assist in a production process by bonding materials together.
  • Surface cleaning
    Clean a surface of a web or object by vacuum or air blast.
  • Static measuring
    Products to help you localise static charges and test anti-static equipment
  • IQ Easy Platform
    Connect up to 30 ionisation and charging devices in a network. A unique concept that allows complete control over all parameters and also ensures that all devices communicate with each other, in order to optimize efficiency.
  • Perforation detection
    Use high voltage to detect perforations in plastic materials
  • Accessories
    24V Power supply units, external control kits and universal mounting.