• Anti static air knife

Air-knife with static eliminator

A Simco-Ion anti-static bar with airknife combines the effects of air amplification and ionisation to produce a high-velocity “sheet” or an air-curtain of ionised air (amplification ratio as high as 25:1). This combined effect is used to neuatralise the static that "holds" or makes the particles "cling" to the surface that you want to clean.  Static electricity or the static charge needs to be neutralised to create an optimal dust removal in one single operation. The principle is used in many industries and processes like for instance in the automotive finishing, printing, packaging, plastics and textile industries. The airknife is a very compact anti-dust removal device and does not have any moving parts so that means that there is no maintenance needed. Simco-Ion anti-static bars that are used in the air-knifes produce an electrical field which causes air molecules to break down into positive and negative ions. These ions are picked up by the high-velocity airflow produced by the airknife and propelled into the work area where they neutralise the charged surface or product. Neutralised particles can be blown of the object much more easily and in this process cleaning the object!


How to chose the right air-knife or anti dust air curtain

Chosing the right air-knife or air blade is not an easy job. The size of the blade or knife usually is determined by the total surface(lenght) of the object or web that you would like to clean. Also the size of the static eliminator attached to the air blade is determined by the same parameters. Other parameters that need to be adressed are related to the surrounding of the machine or object. The proximity of metal and the presence of pressured air are also used to check and find the right solution for the process. An educated person that can help and who also speaks your language can be found here.


Blown off, not vacuumed

The particles are blown off and after this process the particles usually fall to the ground where they can be taken away. Other options include the vacuming of particles so that the dust is contianed and not to be found again in the area of the object. This process needs a different approach and the anti-dust-equipment or more specific the Web-cleaners for that can be found here.


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