• Static eliminators

Static eliminators

Different types of Static eliminators

Static electricity can be troublesome in many production processes where non-conductive materials such as plastic, paper, wood and textile are processed. Specially during the winter months when outside humidity is low and inside the air is dry, static can cause many problems. In many processes like printing or a coating process static needs to be eliminated for safety and quality purpose. A static charge remover needs to be used to solve the problems.

There are many different Static eliminators produced by Simco-Ion Europe differentiated by the different applications, the way to operate or the place where they can be mounted or put. Please click on the link of the different types to find the right type of static eliminator for your application.


Different static eliminators

Industrial anti-static bar
Anti static bar or industrial static eliminator
Ionised air blower
Ionised air blower
ionizing air gun
ionizing air blowgun
Ionizing air nozzle
Ionizing air nozzle

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