• 1/2'' SS

High temperature

Chemical resistance

Short range

Up to 6 m length


The emitter pins of the Super Service anti-static bars are directly coupled to the high voltage so that maximum ionising current is reached.
These bars can be cleaned easily and therefore they are suited for being installed in places which may be subject to heavy fouling. Touching an emitter pin will cause an unpleasant electrical shock.
These bars are usually installed in such a manner that the emitter pins cannot be touched by personnel.

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  • Short working distance: 30 mm max.
  • Optimal neutralisation because the emitter pins are directly coupled to the high voltage
  • Is suited for being installed in places which may be subject to heavy fouling
  • Non-touch-safe emitters
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Compact

Technical specifications

Working distance 30 mm
Housing material Anodised aluminum
Inner bar material PTFE
Emitter pins Special alloy
CableHigh voltage cable
Weight0,56 kg/m
Ambient temperature 150 °C with special cable
Use circumstances Industrial
Operating voltage 4 kV AC
OptionsRight angle cable exit
Suitable power unit A2A4S / MPM

Product specification


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Users manual


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