• Ionising air nozzles

Ionising nozzle

Ionising air nozzles produce a high-velocity ionised air flow which simultaneously cleans and neutralises static charges on parts and materials. The nozzle uses compressed air and provides a pinpoint ionised air source for being used in critical cleaning and static neutralising systems. Nozzles can be fitted and installed in many configurations to meet specific requirements since they are small and easy to intall. Simco-Ion power units supply the high voltage necessary for operation. If required, all nozzles can be fitted with a stop valve. Type HE can be fitted on a standard air header.

The type of nozzle you need is determined by the distance to the object and the air-flow pattern. The air flow pattern can be devided in Guided airflow, Flat airflow for sheet operation and Round pattern airflow.  For all Nozzles a high-voltage power supply unit is needed. Please make your choice below;

Product                    Spray Pattern          Working distance      Application                     HV-power unit

Flat Nozzle                Flat airflow                10mm < >  800mm     Sheetfeeders                    A-Unit A2A7S

HE Nozzle                 Pinpoint airflow         10mm < >  800mm     Spot ionisation                 A-Unit A2A7S

BW Nozzle                Guided airflow           10mm < >  150mm     Inside bottle ionisation    A-Unit A2A3S


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