• Ionising airblowers

Ionised Air Blowers

Ionised air blowers are used to neutralise plastic film or three-dimensional plastic products, i.e. injection moulded automotive parts. The main purpose is to prevent dust attraction to the products. Dust particles can stick to the product surface and cause quality problems to the final product. Also ionised air blowers are applied to make sure personnel do not receive any unpleasant shocks.


The main advantage of Simco-ION ionised air blowers is that the ionised air, drawn for ambient air, is blown towards the electrostatically charged product. Emitters create ionised air and integrated ventilators blow the ionised air towards the product. Because the air covers the complete product, ionisation is effective on the complete surface of the product. The air volume can be adjusted easily on the blowers. Additional air inlet filters can be applied to clean incoming air and ensure optimal ionisation results.




There are different types of Simco-ION ionised air blowers available, depending on required range and operational width. Also special ionised air blowers versions for explosion-hazardous environments are available.




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