• Charging electrodes

Simco-Ion Europe offers a variety of charging bars and electrodes

Simco-Ion Europe offers a variety of static charging bars and static charging electrodes, depending on the specific applications and conditions. These bars are connected to a specific DC high-voltage Charging Generator. A strong, ion-saturated electrical field around the single polarity high voltage points forces the material to a reference earth. The material is charged by the ions. Being attracted by different polarities a force is created. The force can make materials or surfaces temporarily cling together when in close proximity. There are various methods of temporarily charging materials electrostatically, using a Simco-Ion Charging Generator and Static Charging electrodes. The combination of a type of Charging Generator and Charging applicator is called a Static charging system. 


Different types of electrodes are:


  1. Pinner Claw for edge(directional) charging for spot-surface-charging and pinning 
  2. Pinner 5 Point (focus round) for edge pinning in cast-film extrusion process
  3. Linear 6 Point (focus inline) small surface and edge pinning solutions.

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