• Charging generators

Charging Generator

High voltage electrostatic generators, like the Simco CM5 charging generator, create a controlled static charge up to 60kV on a non-conductive material that will allow a temporary adhesion between 2 surface s with charges of opposite polarity. A high DC voltage (up to 60kV) can be safely produced and is carried by a high-voltage cable to the emitters of a charging applicator, charging electrode or charging bar, where it is connected to an array of suitably designed emitter pins to generate a “corona”. A strong, ion-saturated electrical field around the single polarity high voltage points forces the material to a reference earth clinging the different surfaces together.


To choose the right generator you need to choose between a large variety of high-voltage generators the choice is mostly based on the space that you have available and the Voltage(power) that is needed to get the job done


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