• The process is disrupted

Static cling or static attraction to disrupt your production process.

The process is disrupted
The process is disrupted

Problem: Build-up of static charges on non conductive objects can create enormous adhesion forces and cause what is known as a static-cling. These electrostatic force cause materials to stick together or to repel each other at different locations in a production process creating disruptions on winders, printing and stacker applications. Examples of static cling:


  • A plastic film clings to the idle roller causing disruption in the web tension and web guidance.
  • Small punched parts stick together
  • Sheets on a stack stick causing feeding of multiple sheets or can not be taken apart
  • Plastic film wound on a winder clings to the roll when trying to unwind
  • Bags do not open because the layers are stuck together


Examples of repelling


  • Yarns for textile travel alongside at very small spacing. Repelling causes irregular spacing
  • Small injection moulded parts jump out of the box
  • Sheets float on a stack
  • Film on a roll on winder is telescoping

Most common solutions to static problems can be found HERE.


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reduce static charge

The process is disrupted; solution
The process is disrupted; solution

Solution: Placing anti-static devices at strategic positions in the process will help to reduce the static charge and eliminate the problem. Depending on the process various industrial static eliminators are available for flat surfaces, objects, low speed, high speed and with additional air support like ionized static blowers. Other used in this application:Flat Nozzle


Want to eliminate industrial static charge and know how to discharge static electricity?

How to eliminate static electricity

Simco-Ion static eliminator bars generate an electrical field which causes the air molecules in the vicinity of the industrial static eliminator to break down into positive and negative ions. Because opposite charges attract, any charged material passing near the bar will attract ions until the charge on the material is neutralized. The materials will no longer have the static cling to each other or to the machine parts. Attraction of dust, explosion or fire hazards and electrical shocks to personnel caused by static discharge are avoided. Simco-Ion offers a very wide range of antistatic bars in shockless and non-shockless versions with a 4 year full warrantee: Performax Easy, Performax IQ Easy, Performax IQ Easy Ex, Performax Easy Ex, ThunderION 2.0, MEB, MEJ, 1/2"SS, MaxION, P-Sh-N and the P-Sh-N-Ex