• Prevent air inclusion
Prevent air inclusion
Prevent air inclusion

Static charge can be used to bond 2 materials together to prevent air entrapment. Applications that benefit from this technique are:

  • During bagmaking, parts of the bag are held together to prevent air inclusion during finishing. 
  • A roll of bags or film will be much tighter without air inclusion.
  • Sticking material to a cooling roller without air inclusion optimises the cooling process.
Prevent air inclusion; solution
Prevent air inclusion; solution


The materials that need to be bonded have to pass a charging electrode. Opposite to the charging electrode a ground reference is positioned, e.g. an idle roller. A static charge can be applied ranging from 3 kV to 120 kV depending on the material thickness, speed and adhesion force required.

Used equiment in this application:

Charging bar HDR and Charging generator CM5

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