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Simco-ION Netherlands, part of the ITW group, has operated in Europe since 1966. Our activities started with the introduction of plastics in the textile industry.

Today, we offer a comprehensive range of products to control static electricity. Our products are used in the plastics, packaging, converting, automotive, wood, textile, pharmaceutical and printing industries. We offer our knowledge and products through an extensive network of competent agents.

Simco-ION offers full static control

Static control is the process of regulating the level of static electricity in a process or a machine. This does not always have to be 0 kV. Static electricity can also be used as a means of gluing material together. Static control products can be divided in a number of categories. The most common used static control equipment categories are;


Global operations in various industries

Simco-ION provides many solutions for industrial processes, to optimize process speed, output and quality in numerous sectors and applications worldwide. We understand manufacturing processes and the electrostatic challenges that new materials, faster speeds, complex machinery and developing technologies can present.



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Simco-ION provides fast, efficient and knowledgeable support. For technical advice or to discuss a custom solution for your application, please get in touch.

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