Applications for the Textiles Industry

Simco-ION offers solutions to control static electricity in the textile industry like balloon forming or even yarn breaking in Creel processes. Removing static at the folding arm section can optimise Stenter stacking operations and eliminate electrostatic shocks to operators. 

Warping, beaming and carding processes in the textile industry can all be influenced by static charges.

Product of Simco-ION

Electrostatical Charging

Static charge can be used to bond 2 materials together to prevent air entrapment. Applications that benefit from this technique are: During bagmaking, parts of the bag are held together to prevent air inclusion during finishing. A roll of bags or film will be much tighter without air inclusion. Sticking material to a cooling roller without air inclusion optimises the cooling process.
More About Electrostatical Charging

Synthetic Fibres

During the production, compacting and preparation of textile webs elecrostatic charges are created. Static electricity causes the fabric to cling to machineframes causing machine slowdown.
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