Applications for the plastic industry

Simco-ION offers solutions to control static electricity in the plastics industry, processes like static free winding on Blown film production or Cast film extruders. Using an electrostatic charge to optimise In Mold Labelling (IML) processes on injection moulding machines. Controlling static electricity will prevent electrostatic shocks to operators during roll changes on Slitting machines and prevent dust attraction before Flexoprinting or other printing on plastics processes. Also process disruption on Sheeters or Slitters or during bagmaking on bag making machines can be prevented.

The process of In Mould Labeling (IML)


Static charges can be used to pin a decorative label tight against the inner mould surface during injection moulding without the use of vacuum.
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Slitting / Rewinding

Slitting/Rewinding is a process to cut different type of jumbo roll’s with various material-width to narrower sizes at (very) high speed. This technique is suitable for several materials like paper, plastic film, flexible packaging, fabric or textile.
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Blown Film

Blown film extrusion is used to produce packaging film, much of which is multi-layered. This is done to improve mechanical, transport, and thermal properties, as required by the food or medical industry.
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Bag making machines come in various configurations based on the type of bags produced by the machine. The bag making machine produces a bag by unwinding a roll of plastic film through a series of operations like (heat) sealing, cutting, slitting & stacking.
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