Controlling static electricity on sleeve and shrinking machinery

A Sleeve/shrink labeller is a high-speed machine designed to apply shrink sleeve labels to a variety of bottles/containers. The shrink sleeve labeller can speed up to 800 products per minute with sleeves of printed thermal shrink film, after which the sleeves are shrunk to adhere to the bottles/containers. The machines are reliable, simple to use, flexible and they have an efficiency of almost 100%.

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Printed shrink sleeves for decorating plastic (PET, PVC, PE) or glass bottles, offer an effective medium for advertising purposes and additional protection. The flat film is unwound and runs through a buffer-stack and is then pulled over a mandrel to form a tube. The sleeve is cut to size by knives in the cutting unit. The sleeve is then pushed down over the container and shrunk to fit the container contour in a heat tunnel.  The sleeve applicator machines are designed for full body and partial labeling.


Static electricity may cause the film to stick to the mandrel or, once cut, the sleeve is not properly positioned on the container. Anti static bars or static eliminators are placed at the indicated position to assure a correct functioning of the machine.

The Simco-Ion VicinION is an static elimination bar designed to neutralize electrostatically charged surfaces. This bar is the smallest sized 24V static eliminator on the market. The static eliminator is equipped with an integrated high-voltage power supply, Tungsten emitters and a status LED and is supplied with a 24V DC power supply via an M8 connector.


The VicinION is optimally used between a distance of 5 and 75 mm. The VicinION is available in effective lengths from 224 mm, in increments of 17,25 mm. Simco-Ion can help you solving any specific static problems resulting in high quality competitive packaging production including your sleeving process.

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