How to eliminate static electricity

If you really want to find a quick solution to your static electricity related problem, you should start the Chat right away. But if you feel much more comfortable you can go through the website and figure out yourself what you can do to solve the issue. Local help is always present and can be found, in your own language, over here.

In production processes, unwanted static electricity can often be a severe disruption, as it means that materials get stuck to machine parts or to each other, the so called static-cling. Operators and other personell that works with the machines do not like getting electric shocks. Simco-Ion has a special section about static shock! The dust in the surrounding area is attracted by the static electricity and dust clings to surfaces that have a charge or static electricity. In order to remove the dust, ionisation is needed in the process to de-static the material and the dust in order to clean the surface with air or a blower or an anti-dust-cleaner. In case of dust-attraction you can find solutions here. In explosion or hazardous(ATEX) zones, static electricity can can cause a spark, which in turn can cause a fire or even an explosion depending on the evnironment. Simco-Ion offers a large range of solutions for ionisation products and industrial static eliminators but also static eliminators that control the static electricity and charge up to a desired level. Solution can be provided by means of a broad range of ionisation products, anti static, ionising bars for these and more problems:

Simco-Ion has an extend service department and many, local, dealers and distributors that are able to help you to solve the problems in your production or machine. We provide industrial static control equipment and a broad range of industrial static eliminators in different sizes and configurations like; Stand alone anti-static bars 24Vdc  or ari-assisted applications like ionising air blowers, air knife, air nozzles etc. all to help you to eliminate static electricity.

Workers get shocks

The process is disrupted

Static damages the material

My customer has problems with my material

Static can cause a fire

I want to prevent dust attraction


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