Basic examples of solutions regarding static electricity

“Ionisation can be very helpful in some processes and can for sure help to de-static surfaces and material”

Solutions for industrial static control

This section provides some basic examples of solutions regarding the elimination of static electricity and the use of static electricity in processes. Simco-Ion offers several solutions for industrial static control. Ionisation can be very helpful in some processes and can for sure help to de-static surfaces and material. You will find 4 sections with solutions for electrostatic problems and examples of the use of industrial static eliminators and the use of Simco-Ion high-voltage generators for the creation of static electricity or static charge:

  • Eliminate static electricity ; some basic examples how to eliminate static electricity and to control static electricity with anti-static bars or industrial static eliminators or ionisers.
  • Static bonding or glue: some examples of how to use high-voltage generators that create static electricity in a process
  • Surface cleaning: cleaning surfaces from dust by means of a dust cleaner with the help of ionised air, static bars and high-voltage generators. Dust removal equipment normally always has an ioniser or inonizing bar inside.
  • Perforation detection or counter: use high voltage sparks to detect and to count perforations in high-speed machines
  • Full industrial static control: use of anti-static device and measuring devices in controlled loop to fully controll and regulate the levels of static electricity in the material that is being processed. Both in amount of kV and polarity that is needed.


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